We exist to reach and teach everyone for Christ.



We have God-sized dreams because we believe an insecure church is a death warrant for our city.

200 Baptisms

We believe God has given us the dream to baptize 200 people in 3 years (January 10, 2019). Our stage has letters that display the name we are all about: J E S U S. The letters contain light bulbs that add up to 200 bulbs. Each person that gets baptized at the Gathering gets to put in their own bulb.

ASU PolyTech

God has given us the dream to create community at the ASU PolyTech campus. Our desire is to serve students and make them disciples of Jesus. Our biggest dream is that we train and equip these students to readily take jobs offered around the world and share Jesus wherever their job takes them.

LDS & Atheists

Our team is mainly comprised of individuals that were formerly atheists or formerly LDS. Therefore, it is only natural that we desire to make our church a safe environment for healthy dialogue about our differences and learn from one another. Obviously, our greatest desire is that people come to Jesus through these kind and civil conversations/relationships.


God Time

1% of your day (approximately 15 minutes) spending time alone with God.

Gather Time

1% of your week (approximately 1.5 hours) spending time on Sunday morning worshipping God as a community.

Group Time

1% of your month (approximately 7 hours) spending time studying God’s word in a group.

Go Time

2% of your year (approximately 1 week) spending time on a short-term mission trip with a team from our church.

Our patterns have the power to forecast our future.


Our values shape our decisions. Our decisions shape our lives. 

Never Stop Learning

We will never stop learning because we honor God when we strive for excellence in all things.

Never Compare

We will never compare ourselves because God has uniquely gifted each one of us to make a difference for Christ.

Never Give Up

We will never give up because we will not insult God with safe living.

Never Hold Back

We will never hold back because we believe an insecure church is a death warrant for our city.

Never Alone

We will never face life alone because we know we can accomplish more together than we ever could apart.

Our Story


One church with three unique congregations and locations.

Heart Cry is a community of believers that meet in 3 different locations. In 2004, Pastor Billy Van Camp planted Heart Cry Church. In 2012, Heart Cry planted Heart Cry Cowboy Church to meet the growing need of ministering to the cowboys of Queen Creek. On January 10, 2016, we launched our church to meet the growing need of reaching and teaching millennials for Jesus Christ.


All three locations have live preaching and live bands. Essentially, we are a church family with three unique expressions. We are united together because we believe we can do more together than we ever could apart.

Our Partners


We gladly partner with the capital “C” Church to make a difference in the world.

We wouldn’t be anywhere without our partners. The following have had different levels of support but all of them have given to us financially and have helped us in our training and leadership development.

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